Load Notice Boards

Do I need load boards and what are they

Load boards are used on the end of racking systems to inform the user about maximum load capacities, warnings for safe use and information on how to maintain the system.

Without these notices racks could become overloaded which may cause failure and could lead to injuries or damage to assets, in extreme circumstances, potential loss of life or life changing injuries.

HSE’s HSG76 Warehousing and storage: a guide to health and safety guidelines states that all racking systems require load notices. Furthermore EU Directive 92/58/EEC - safety and/or health signs also says that all load board notices need to look the same to ensure consistency (and as such familiarity) across Europe.

Below you’ll see an example of a load board notice together with the key characteristics that need to be included.

1. Signage in accordance with the Safety Signs and Signals regulations.

2. Brief descriptive comments and warnings of the signage.

3. Maximum load per beam level.

4. Height from the top of a beam to the top of the next level.

5. Height from the base plate to the top of the beam on the first level.

6. Maximum load of the module, including all levels.

7. Information on the storage system supplier.

If my racking system does not have a load notice, what should I do

Different racking systems vary greatly when it comes to load capacity, material grade and thickness, rack configuration (number of beams in a bay, height to 1st beam level, beam pitch, number of bays in a run) and the type of floor fixing. All these individual factors combine to have an effect on maximum load capacity which only those with adequate training would recognise.

It is unlikely that reliable information for a load notice can be provided without a physical inspection to verify the setup and condition of the system and so the best time to get your load notices created or updated is at your annual inspection. 

Acerax SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors are trained to identify rack damage and incorrect installation and will advise accordingly in the comprehensive report issued after your inspection. We can also produce and supply load boards for your warehouse that accurately relate to your individual racking. 


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