SEMA Guidelines

Below you will find some more detailed information regarding the tolerances currently allowed under the SEMA Guidelines, these include acceptable tolerances in beam, upright and bracing deformation, information regarding proper clearances between racking and pallets, as well as the flowchart detailing the procedure for the different "traffic light" fault states. 

Click on the link below or the image to download a PDF file of the drawing:-

Bay beam deflection span over 200

Bay beam deflection span over 200 with data

Beam measurement

Damage flow chart

Face elevation gap requirements

Frame impact damage

Rack end elevation gap requirements

Beam Deflection Tolerance SEMA Guideline

Pallet Clearances SEMA Guidline

Damage Flowchart SEMA Guideline

Pallet Clearance Front Elevation SEMA Guideline

Impact Damage to APR SEMA Guideline

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